Have you recently found that you child is allergic to pollen or that he/she has asthma? This can be a scary experience for a parent, especially if hives or different medicines are involved. The first thing you should do is bring your child to the pediatrician or family doctor so they can get the help they need. Then, after going to the pharmacy and getting medicine, stay on top of current health news so you know what to expect this spring.

Recently, a new study has found that kids and teens who are born abroad and immigrate to the United States are about half as likely to have asthma and allergies than those who are born in America. Where families lived, how often they moved, and their race and income was taken into account in the survey.

According researchers, there may be three possible reasons for the results. First, kids in the U.S. could be too clean, causing their immune systems to never get exposed to common allergens. Second, the unhealthy diets of Americas could play another role. Finally, the climate and various infections might be causing certain allergens to be present. However, the risk of allergies or asthma being increased can occur in foreign-born children if they spend more time in the U.S. Overall, there is no clear pattern as to who has allergies or asthma and who doesn’t.

For now, it is recommended that parents maintain a healthy diet for their children as well as let them be exposed to the outdoors so they can get used to allergen particles. As doctors try to better understand these results and what in the environment increases the risks, Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants hopes you remain careful at home to reduce such reactions. If you feel you require more protection, especially if you have a possible fatal reaction to something, you should have life insurance from us. Depending on your situation, your needs are going to be different, and we can help you figure out what those are.