When you are driving in your car alone, sometimes you may want to strike up a conversation. This may spark the idea to call your friend to talk about your latest news. However, what if you just want to send a quick text letting them know you want to call? Now, speaking into your phone can produce a message to send. Voice texting seems to be the newest innovation for smartphones, but even so, talking while driving in any language spells disaster.

Have you committed this act before? If so, it is important to make an effort to not do so again. Talking on your phone through any method is dangerous while you are operating a motor vehicle. Recent studies even found that voice texting is not any safer than type texting. Therefore, follow these tips so you can avoid using your phone while driving in general:

  • No matter what kind of texting you are doing, you will spend less time looking at the road and instead on your phone. Don’t let your focus waver from the road.
  • Don’t try to multitask while driving. You can’t always rely on voice text messaging to be accurate, so if you are trying to change what the message says, never do so while the vehicle is moving.
  • Your eyes, hands, and mind are all distracted when you are texting.
  • Try to disable your texting or calling capabilities while driving so you are not tempted to do so. However, if there is an emergency, pull over and make the call.
  • Just like a text message, you should not try to internet browse while driving.

Having a delayed reaction time while driving is no good for anyone. You are putting yourself, your family, and others in danger of an accident or injury. At Metropolitan Insurance Services Consultants, Inc., we hope these tips help you avoid the temptation of texting. In addition, you should teach your family to do the same. If you feel you require more protection for your vehicle, you can rely on us for auto insurance. We understand the state rules and are dedicated to paying close attention to your needs.