How is the health of your livery and truck drivers? It is important that you monitor their well being both on and off the road. Since they perform during unconventional hours, it is more crucial to pay attention to their health so they can remain alert and aware of their surroundings on the road. Establishing ways to promote a safer and nutritious lifestyle can help drivers become more productive at home and at work.

The trucking industry faces a high risk of illness and injury due to unique risks. However, there are ways to prevent these by altering certain health behaviors. Here are some tips to help your employees stay safe and change their sedentary lifestyle:

  • Implement a policy that has your employees exercising regularly. This can be easy as a 15 minute walk each shift.
  • Encourage your drivers to visit their doctors regularly and quit smoking, if applicable.
  • Teach your fleet members about the importance of healthy food options on the road.
  • Since commercial drivers work extremely long days, find ways to help reduce stress.
  • Uncomfortable living conditions can cause irregular sleeping patterns. Emphasis the need for sleep, because safety and awareness comes first.
  • Train drivers on how to be safe when unloading cargo so no one gets hurt on the job.
  • Try adopting a wellness program to address chronic diseases and to challenge drivers to alter their health for the better.
  • Have your employees stop at fleet terminals which offer health screenings, workshops, kiosks, and fitness centers.

At Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, we hope these tips help your drivers remain healthy on the road. You wouldn’t want any of your commercial vehicles to get into an accident due to a driver falling asleep or becoming sick due to junk food. If you feel your fleet requires more protection, then having our commercial vehicle insurance may be a solution. If your business relies on cars, charter buses, trucks, taxis, or limos, then this policy is for you. The requirements and needs to protect these types of automobiles are much different than for a personal car. Let us help you understand your options so you and your drivers may have peace of mind on the road!