How many cars does your business need to have for commercial car insurance? It turns out just one. Commercial car insurance offers unique benefits to businesses, no matter their size. At Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, we give businesses—large and small—options to insure these crucial assets with lower prices.

Commercial vs. Individual Auto Insurance

What is the difference between commercial and individual auto insurance? If you are a small businesses owner, you might think that your individual policy is good enough for your company car. However, cars used for commercial purposes have different requirements to keep them fully insured.  This means in certain circumstances, without commercial car insurance, a claim can be denied when there is an accident.

Benefiting From Commercial Auto Insurance

How can commercial auto insurance keep your vehicles fully protected? Commercial auto insurance extends protection to the following:

  • Employees
  • Equipment (like trailers) used to transport goods
  • Goods and equipment vehicles carry
  • Specialty vehicles

You can also get protection from law suits and under-insured drivers, decreasing the unexpected costs of an accident.

Getting You the Best Deal

Metropolitan Insurance is here to help keep your business and livelihood safe. We will find you an affordable way to meet the local requirements made for commercial auto insurance in Chicago. We can also help you navigate the various regulations governing commercial auto insurance to find the best deal that meets your company’s needs.

Moving Forward

Whether you own a fleet of construction vehicles, own a small taxi service, or have a single catering van, commercial auto insurance for Chicago will be of benefit to you. Your fully covered business will be safe from harm, allowing you to focus on growing your company and making a living. Call us today to learn how commercial auto insurance can help your company!