When you first decide to throw a party in your home, you probably have visions of good times that will be shared with great friends. It may not have crossed your mind that homeowners need to be cautious when throwing a party on the premises. However, you have responsibilities to yourself and your guests while they are at your home.

Whether you are inviting guests to a formal affair at your home to celebrate a golden anniversary or simply want to have a casual, spooky movie marathon on Halloween, you have a responsibility to everyone who attends the party. Consider the following tips to best protect your guests at the party, and you will be more likely to prevent the mayhem of an accident.

Serve Alcohol With Caution

Whenever you serve alcohol at a party, you increase your risk of problems. However, most party guests want to relax and drink while celebrating, so you may feel obligated to serve it. If you decide to offer libations, be sure you understand your state’s liquor liability laws, and be careful with how you serve alcohol. Keep the following considerations in mind.

  • Alternate Beverages: Drinking is a social thing for a lot of people. If you offer a lot of alternatives to alcoholic beverages, people may choose non-alcoholic beverages more often than you anticipate. Offer a large variety. Provide sodas, bottled water, fruit-flavored fizzy drinks, virgin cocktails, tea, coffee, punch, grape juice, orange juice, and flavored sparkling water.
  • Party Food: Serve a lot of food when you serve alcohol. Keep the snacks and more substantial fare coming when the booze is pouring. When guests eat while they drink, their bodies won’t absorb the alcohol as quickly, and it can prevent some bad behavior. Foods you may want to serve include whole wheat crackers, popcorn, mini paninis, bananas, and chips with dip.
  • Minors: If you have minors at your party, be sure that anyone who serves alcohol knows who is underage. No alcohol should be offered to them under any circumstances. That’s true even if they have parental approval. If you notice that a teen has managed to drink alcohol at your party, take it away immediately, inform their parents, and ensure they get home safely right away.
  • Transportation: Take control of how drunk people will be leaving your party. Set ground rules from the start of the party and make sure everyone knows about them. You may choose to be or hire a designated driver for any guest who needs it. Alternately, have a ride-sharing service app ready to go and be sure each guest gets safely in the car when the driver shows up.

When you take the time to plan how you will safely serve alcohol, you’ll be less stressed on the day of your party.

Stay Away from the Pool and Hot Tub

If you have a swimming pool and a hot tub, they are likely treasured areas of your home where you like hanging out. Guests are likely to gravitate to those areas if they’re invited to do so, but it’s best to establish those areas as off-limits when you’re throwing a party. That doesn’t mean you can’t share them with friends at another time, but they shouldn’t be a hot spot at a big party.

Slip and fall accidents are common around the areas immediately around swimming pools and hot tubs. It can be hard to keep those areas dry if you have guests coming in and out of the water throughout the entire party. If you decide to allow guests into these areas (or if they ignore your requests to stay away), be sure to check for still water and spills frequently to avoid accidents.

Consider Boarding Your Pet Elsewhere

When you decide to throw a party, don’t forget to consider your four-legged friends. Dogs can get distressed when a lot of strangers congregate in a home, especially if you don’t often have house guests. Even a gentle pet can get agitated and act out when they are concerned about a large group of strangers or even one person in particular that agitates the animal.

You, your pet, and your guests may be safer and overall more comfortable if you have a place where your pet can stay for the night. A friend’s home that the pet frequently visits would be an ideal destination. After all, dogs ae likely to be calmer if they are in familiar environments. If you have a regular boarding facility that’s familiar to your dog, that’s a great choice, too.

Follow these three tips to better protect your party guests. When you reduce the risks of your guests getting injured, everyone can focus on enjoying themselves, and you can feel free to savor the celebration yourself. Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, Inc. can help you be prepared for whatever life throws at you with a homeowner’s insurance policy to suit your needs.