The law requires liability insurance for all vehicles, including commercial trucks. However, liability coverage is just the beginning if you want full insurance protection. The coverage only protects you from third-party claims. Below are various forms of additional coverage to enhance your commercial truck insurance.


Standard liability insurance only protects you from risks arising out of your trucking activities. For example, the coverage may help you if your truck crashes into a car while delivering cargo. However, the coverage won’t help if your driver causes damage or injury while driving the truck for personal reasons.

Consider a case where your truck driver decides to run a small personal errand (using your truck) after their shift. Your liability coverage won’t help if your driver causes an accident during the errand. The accident victims might come after you for their damages. In such a case, you need bobtail coverage to protect your interests.

Physical Damage

Commercial trucks are expensive. High-end trucks can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. An expensive vehicle is also expensive to repair in case of damage. Thus, you stand to lose a lot of money in case of damage, theft, or vandalism.

Physical damage coverage protects you from such losses. For example, the coverage will compensate you if a storm damages your truck.

Trailer Interchange

Physical damage coverage only applies to the trucks and trailers you own. The coverage excludes non-owned vehicles. Say your truck gets into a crash while pulling a non-owned trailer and the trailer suffers damage. In such a case, physical damage coverage won’t cover the trailer.

Luckily, trailer interchange coverage covers such situations. For example, many trucking companies have trailer interchange agreements with other truckers. The agreements allow the transfer of trailers from one truck to another. In such a case, trailer interchange coverage will cover the compensation.

Motor Truck Cargo

Consider motor cargo coverage if your trucks haul expensive cargo, as most trucks do. The coverage protects you from loss or damage to cargo in transit. Say one of your trucks overturns while delivering laptops to a school district and some of the laptops crack. The coverage will provide you with the resources to replace the damaged laptops and complete the delivery.

Reefer Breakdown

Those who haul perishable goods often use refrigerated trucks to keep their cargo fresh. A breakdown of the refrigeration equipment can cost you money in several ways, such as damaged cargo and the breakdown itself. You often need reefer breakdown coverage to compensate you for such losses.

Note that reefer breakdown often comes with specific exclusions, which vary by policy. For example, some policies exclude coverage for seafood cargo. Scrutinize the small print and ensure you get a policy that covers your cargo.

Mechanical Breakdown

Conventional auto insurance only applies to accidental losses but not mechanical damages. However, mechanical damages can also cost you considerable money in terms of repairs and lost opportunities. The faster you repair your truck, the faster you can get it back on the road to make money. Mechanical breakdown coverage gives you repair money in case of a breakdown.

Passenger Accident

Ideally, your truck drivers shouldn’t carry passengers, especially uninsured passengers. However, in the real world, truck drivers do carry occasional passengers. You need passenger coverage to protect you from passenger liability claims since the other liability coverage doesn’t extend to passengers.

Your business circumstances determine the coverage you need for your trucks. Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, Inc., can review your business and advise you on necessary coverage. Don’t forget to review your insurance needs from time to time since they might change. Contact us for a quote on all your insurance needs.