Northbrook, IL

Commercial Car Insurance & Life Insurance

Everything in our lives faces risk, including our homes and our businesses. If you know the risk, you can protect yourself from the worst problems life throws at you.

To have that security, you need the right insurance that covers the unique and local risks of a Chicago suburb. Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants has the access and the information to protect your home and your business with general liability, property, and commercial car insurance in Northbrook, IL.

Keep Your Cars on the Road and Your Business on Track

Why commercial auto insurance? Your company cars represent a vital part of your business, and you can’t afford to lose them. Commercial car coverage goes beyond regular car insurance to protect your drivers and your products from the risks of the road. You can ensure your business stays safe from car damage, auto related lawsuits, and other losses related to car accidents.

Get Insurance for Every Circumstance

Metropolitan Insurance covers more than just cars. You can protect your whole business with property and general liability insurance. We also provide individuals with the home, life, and auto insurance they need to protect their personal assets. We will help you find the coverage that meets the individual risks your family or business faces.

How do we cover so much at prices you can afford? Our trained agents navigate world of insurance to bring you personalized deals. As an agency, we can piece coverage together from different insurance companies so you can find the coverage that best fits your situation. If you’re looking for a life insurance company as well, call 888-822-6519 to get a quote today!

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