Waukegan, IL

Waukegan ranks as the ninth largest city in Illinois and the fifth largest city on the western side of Lake Michigan. As such, it has a lot to offer any resident. You can find all kinds of employment opportunities and amenities. And you probably live only minutes from the nearest police station, fire department, or healthcare facility.

However, even though you live in a relatively safe area, you still take precautions to safeguard what you treasure. Whether you own a home or a business, you fit the building with reliable security systems. You probably do the same with any vehicles you own. But you still need one extra security feature: insurance.

Luckily, the team at Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants can help you find the right home or commercial auto insurance in Waukegan, IL.

Look over Your Insurance Options

We offer a variety of coverage solutions from life insurance to commercial truck insurance in Waukegan, IL. We’ve listed some of these solutions here:


  • Commercial automobile/vehicle coverage
  • Commercial liability and property insurance
  • Workers compensation coverage


  • Standard and non-standard automobile insurance
  • Homeowners policies
  • Umbrella coverage
  • Life insurance

When you work with us, we assign an insurance agent to work with you personally. Let us help you sort through your options until you find the best insurance plan for your needs. Make an appointment or get a free quote by calling us at 888-822-6519 today.

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