Limousine Insurance

Since our founding in 1959, Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, Inc. has provided necessary coverage to the businesses and individuals we serve. To that end, we offer a range of insurance services, including limousine insurance in Chicago, IL.

If you own a limousine company, you want to feel confident in the continuity and success of your business. Through limo insurance, you will be covered in the event of an accident or another limo-related incident. As a responsible business owner, you work to achieve the best possible outcome while planning for the worst-case scenario. Make limousine insurance part of your plan.

We Proudly Provide Vital Coverage in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida

You know there’s no taking a break from business. Your employees and customers rely on your continued operations and services. Theft, accidents, and liability claims can seriously impact the running of your business.

By working with a reliable insurance company, you can ensure that your business does not stop. From personal injury to property damage, our limousine insurance package covers your passengers, your drivers, and your limos. You will have the benefit of keeping your limos out on the road while also avoiding liability risks and extensive payouts.

We provide limousine insurance not only in Chicago, IL, but also throughout Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Tennessee, George, and Florida. If you’re in one of these states, then you’ll want to make Metropolitan Insurance part of your plans.

We Provide Responsive Service

With Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, Inc. you can expect a personal touch that you may not find with other insurance companies. Some faceless companies offer only cold services—customers never have a personal connection with their insurers.

At Metropolitan Service Consultants, Inc., we offer face-to-face consultations. When you choose to partner with us for limo insurance in Chicago, IL, you work with a claims agent dedicated to meeting your specific needs. That personal connection enables us to provide you with unrivaled, attentive service.

We operate on the belief that you should never have to pay excessive amounts of money for peace of mind. You will receive quality protection at affordable rates when you rely on our limousine insurance. Our consultants will discuss insurance options with you to tailor a customized insurance solution for your business.

Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, Inc. takes care of people. If you are looking for limousine insurance in Chicago, IL, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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