Liquor Liability Insurance

Whether you supply, manufacture or serve alcohol to customers, you will need liquor liability insurance.

When it comes to your business, you want to be sure you are protected no matter what life throws your way. Because let’s face it, owning a business is a huge responsibility.

Whether you own a restaurant, bar, tavern or any other type of company that deals with alcohol, your risks are much different compared to other businesses. Unique risks require a unique insurance policy. And when you need a unique insurance policy, you need to look no further than Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, Inc.

In Illinois, liquor liability is taken very seriously. Referred to as a dram shop, any bar, tavern or business where alcoholic beverages are sold is required to have liquor insurance. For business owners, the following instances make them liable (over the individual who was intoxicated) in situations involving alcoholic beverages:

  • The business sold the alcohol to the person causing injury to another individual(s)
  • Alcohol sold by the business caused or contributed to the person’s intoxication
  • The intoxication was the cause of the injured individual’s injuries

For many business owners who deal with alcohol, these liabilities can be especially risky. That is why it is a great idea to consider your options for liquor liability insurance.

Since 1959, Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, Inc has been handling the liability risks of businesses. Not only do we offer general liability coverage, commercial auto and property insurance and workers compensation, but we can also help you with your liquor liability needs. With over 50 years of experience in the insurance industry, we understand your needs. And we understand how to help you match those with what the law requires in terms of insurance.

What Can Be Included In A Liquor Liability Insurance Policy?

Depending on the type of business you operate, you will want to focus on different things with your policy; however, a typical liquor liability policy can include:

  • Assault & Battery Coverage
  • Employee Inclusion
  • Legal Defense Costs
  • Specific Damage Definition

Many business owners worry about the cost of liquor liability insurance. However, there is a wide array of discounts available based on safety training or having no claim history.

When you come to Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, Inc for your liquor liability insurance needs, our agents can help you take out a new policy, or simply add this coverage onto your existing business insurance policies. How much easier could it get?

And don’t forget, working with Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, Inc means you get more than a slip of paper stating your insurance policy’s coverage and liability limits, you get a personal insurance agent. We take pride in offering reliable and excellent service that will well exceed your expectations. Because we are not just your insurance agency, we are your confidants.

Give us a call, fill out an online quote form, or stop by today and see for yourself what it means to work with an insurance agency that puts your needs first. All it takes is one phone call, and you’ll be well on your way to taking care of your business with the protection it needs…at a price you can smile about!

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