Personal Insurance is just that... personal.

Isn't it time you had an insurance agent who understood that?

When you set out to obtain personal insurance – be it auto insurance for your car, life insurance, or protection for your home with homeowners insurance – you should be treated with care. At Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, Inc, it is our top priority to do that.

When you have over 50 years of experience in the insurance industry, you start to get a feel for people. In our experience, we have found that no individual is the same. No matter where you live, or what type of insurance policy you are looking for, everyone has unique needs and qualifications. That is exactly why our agents take the time to get to know you.

Service and reliability are at the top of our priority list. When you come to Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, Inc for any type of insurance, we want you to feel like you can count on us to help you through everything. Whether you are looking for a new policy, an addition to an existing line, filing a claim, or looking to add additional policies to your list…
We are there for you.

When you visit an insurance agency, you aren’t going to walk out the door with a huge item in a shopping bag. You will walk out with a piece of paper showing proof of insurance, or a folder full of information about your new policy. When you walk out of our door, you leave with a little something extra: a promise. A promise that we will be with you every step of the way. When you file a claim with your insurance company, you will have us there to help. When you need a new policy, we’re there. And when you have questions or concerns, we will be there to answer them.
Isn’t it time you experienced that?

With all of our product offerings, it’s easy to get started. Our agents can search for policies with over 15 different insurance companies. If you qualify for it, we can help you get it… for a price you can afford.

Personal Insurance Offerings:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Non-Standard Auto Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Umbrella Insurance
  • Life Insurance

Explore our site, fill out an online quote form, stop by our office, or give us a call at 888-822-6519 right now. No matter how you choose to get in touch with us, you will find the same result: an insurance agent who cares.

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