Outside of work, your employees may see the rules of the road differently. They may be on their phones at the same time as operating their vehicle. Do they know what risks they face when performing such an act? Teaching your commercial drivers about the dangers of sending a text message while driving may save their lives both at work and at home.

It is important for your employees to keep in mind that commercial vehicles can be difficult to operate, especially if a person is distracted. Don’t waste another moment of pretending phone usage doesn’t go on within your commercial fleet. Here are some tips you should be giving your drivers so they can remain safe and focus solely on the road:

  • When in the car, put the phone out of sight, so it is then also out of mind. Locking it up in the glove compartment is a good idea so it is out of reach.
  • Download a free app to help with stopping texting and driving.
  • Rather than putting the phone on vibrate, silence it all together. Then distracting notifications and text messages won’t get in the way of concentrating on the road.
  • If silencing the phone doesn’t work, then turn it off all together and let any calls go to voice mail.
  • If there is an emergency with a call or text while driving, pull off the road safely and stop in order to respond.
  • Texting can be a bad, distracting habit, so get help and support from friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Establish rules at work which prohibit texting while driving.
  • Set a good example as an owner of a fleet by not texting and driving as well.

At Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, we hope these tips help you navigate the roads safely. Texting and driving should never be tolerated, and following best driving practices can allow your entire fleet to understand the hazards associated with the act. If you are concerned about the other risks your commercial vehicles may face, you should have commercial auto insurance from us. You can talk to our agents, who understand your needs. With over 50 years of experience, we can help business owners get the protection they require at a price they can afford!