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Paratransit services are incredibly important. Without these valuable services, individuals with disabilities wouldn’t be able to get around town and take care of errands. Paratransit companies provide individualized transportation so people with disabilities don’t need to rely on public transit, which might not be accessible to some.

Paratransit services can also include vehicles owned or operated by medical facilities and social organizations such as senior centers.

No matter what kind of paratransit service your company offers, you need paratransit insurance to ensure that each vehicle and its passengers are adequately protected.

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Illinois Paratransit Insurance Eligibility

In order to comply with paratransit insurance requirements, your service vehicles need to meet a number of requirements. For example, if your vehicle is equipped with a wheelchair ramp, it must also have tie-downs for wheelchairs. You should also make sure that instructions for loading and unloading wheelchairs are clearly posted.

Generally, most small-scale vehicles are eligible for paratransit insurance. This means that a school bus–sized vehicle would not be eligible, but any vehicle with 14 or fewer passengers—such as a 15-seat van—is eligible.

There are also requirements regarding the care of passengers, such as the presence of a matron or aide on board the vehicle. You must always make sure that all passengers are secured with their seatbelts and wheelchair tie-downs.

Paratransit Insurance Costs

The minimum deductible for paratransit insurance is usually $500, which makes it quite affordable. Although the stated value of the vehicle must be more than $10,000, vehicles that are valued over $250,000 will need to be reinsured. You will also need approval from the underwriter if the vehicle is more than 10 years old.

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