Home, Auto, and Business Insurance in Georgia

If you have a home or business in Georgia, you need to protect your investment with home or business insurance. Georgia is known for a number of natural threats, like earthquakes, floods, and storms, and any one of these situations could create a financial disaster if you’re not insured.

At Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, our insurance plans will make sure you, your family, and your business is ready to face any dilemma, from landslides to burglars to auto accidents.

Insurance for Homeowners

As a homeowner, you may have a lot to keep on top of. But with Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, financial worries about potential threats can be checked off the list. Our homeowners insurance plans will cover your home’s structure, your personal possessions, and even your additional living expenses should something go wrong.

And if you have uncommon liability concerns that aren’t typically covered, our personal insurance will bridge the gap so you don’t have to gamble.

Insurance for Business Owners

General liability insurance is a must for business owners, but at Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, we offer more than just the basics. Protect your business’s cars with auto insurance, and feel confident in your company’s childcare program with our childcare insurance. If you have something you want insured in Georgia, contact us today at 888.822.6519. We’ll help you create a custom insurance plan that covers everything you want protected.