Non Standard Auto Insurance

Did you know that nearly three out of every ten Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related accident in their lifetime?

When you think about it that way, it is easy to understand why non-standard auto insurance policies are in such demand.

When it comes to auto insurance, drivers are looking for comprehensive and affordable solutions. At Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, Inc, our agents want to be able to give you just that. We welcome all drivers and whether you are looking for standard, non-standard, SR-22, or teen driver insurance, we want you to come to us!

Fifty-plus years of experience in the insurance industry means that our agents get it. Not only do we understand the unique liability limits and requirements in IL, but we also understand what drivers want and need.

How? Our agents are committed to taking the time to get to know you. We believe that although insurance isn’t a tangible item you will walk out of the door with in your hands, we have to give you something. So we choose excellent service.

Once you obtain an auto insurance policy with Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, Inc, you don’t just get a piece of paper with a number on it, you get a personal insurance agent. We’ll be with you every step of the way, for every claim, every question and every concern. We promise.

Right about now, you might be wondering, “What can Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, Inc do for me? The state has deemed me “high risk” and many other companies have been unable to help.”

Our agents have the ability to search over 15 insurance companies, which means if you qualify we can help find you a policy that is low-cost and comprehensive. Getting you the protection you need for a price you can afford is our goal.

What auto insurance policies can Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants, Inc offer quotes for?

  • Standard Auto Insurance: Your basic insurance policy, complete with state-mandated requirements
  • Non-Standard Auto Insurance: Auto insurance for drivers who may have had a serious violation, a poor driving record or a vehicle that makes standard coverage difficult to obtain.
  • SR22 Insurance: A legal requirement for drivers who may have been found driving without auto insurance, repeat traffic offenses, or a DUI, DWI or other serious moving violation.
  • Teen Driver Insurance: Our agents can help you determine whether it is best to add your teen to your existing policy or take out a new policy. We can also help you understand the discounts available to new drivers in this age group.

You may have tried obtaining quotes for car insurance from other companies, but you haven’t tried your luck with us. Come see the difference a personal insurance agent can make for you.

Give us a call, stop by, or fill out the online quote form on this page… you’re just a click or call away from auto insurance that is not just comprehensive, but cheap!

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